Your spouses and friends are welcome to travel with you to the EUROVENTSUMMIT. With the spouse ticket, your partner is welcome to join all lunches and evening events.

In addition, a high-quality programme for spouses is offered on Wednesday, 26 September, and Thursday, 27 September. While you participate in technical meetings and seminars, they can discover the magic of Seville.

Connect the dots of Seville

Wednesday, 26 September 2018, 10:00-13:00h

On Wednesday, we will show you Seville’s beautiful sights through an iPad rally. Participants are going to be divided into teams, and each team will receive an iPad that leads them through the city using a range of questions and assignments.

While getting to know the other participants and learning about Seville’s rich history, you will discover the city’s major sights, including the Seville Cathedral, the Giralda Tower and the Alcázar Palace.

During the tour, you can chat with the other teams and make sure that your team stays ahead of the competition. A pit stop will ensure you regain strength needed to complete this rally, while tasting some Andalusian cuisine.

Access and location

Pass Red

Participants gather at 10:00h in the hotel lobby and will be divided into teams to walk through the city from there. One drink and one tapa per person are included in the programme.

Connect the traditions of Andalusia

Thursday, 27 September 2018, 10:00-14:00h

On Thursday, a unique opportunity is offered to discover the famous olive oil mill Basilippo, situated on the outskirts of Carmona, 30 minutes from Seville.

The mill, which is an old "hacienda" (traditional farmhouse), is surrounded by 6.000 Arbequina olive trees, which produce medium and light fruity olive oils of very high quality. The oil produced at the mill has won medals at tasting competitions all over the world, including China, Israel, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

A member of the family that owns Basilippo will show participants around the farms and factory to learn about everything that goes into making “signature” extra virgin olive oils, from the olive tree to the final product.

At the end of the visit, there will be an educational tasting of different olive oils. The tasting will be accompanied by drinks and Andalusian snacks.

Access and location

Pass Red

Participants gather at 10:00h in the hotel lobby and will be taken by bus to Basilippo. The olive oil tasting and refreshments are included in the programme.

At 13:00h, you can choose to be dropped off at the hotel, or at the Roman village Carmona (close to Basilippo) for an afternoon visit. From there, participants need to arrange their own transport back to the hotel. The easiest way is to take the bus M 124, tickets for which can be bought on the bus.

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