The 2018 EUROVENTSUMMIT was made possible thanks to the following sponsors and partners.

Interested in supporting the next Summit edition? Contact Ms Kirsten Vreede (, +420 608 003 620).

Connectivity leader


ebm-papst is this Summit's main sponsor. The ebm-papst Group is the world's leading manufacturer of fans and motors. The technology company has continuously set global industry standards: from the digital interconnection of electronically controlled EC fans to aerodynamic improvements for fan blades and the use of eco-friendly materials.

ebm-papst employs over 14.000 people at 26 production sites and 49 sales offices worldwide. Fans and motors from the world market leader are used in many industries, including ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, household appliances, heating, the automotive sector, and drive engineering.

ebm-papst: Welcome to the world of ventilation and drive engineering

Cybersecurity leader


UL fosters safe living and working conditions for people everywhere through the application of science to solving safety, security and sustainability challenges. The UL Mark engenders trust enabling the safe adoption of innovative new products and technologies. Everyone at UL shares a passion to make the world a safer place.

The company tests, inspects, audits, certifies, validates, verifies, advises and trains, and supports these efforts with software solutions for safety and sustainability. As trusted experts in the areas of safety, performance, and efficiency, UL has been involved with the global HVAC/R industry for many years. By staying ahead of industry demands, global trends, and needed updates to accommodate changing technologies, the company continues to evolve to provide fast and reliable services to the industry.

Connectivity partners


CAREL is a world leader in control solutions for air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating, and systems for humidification and evaporative cooling. Its products are designed to bring energy savings and reduce the environmental impact of machinery and systems. CAREL's solutions are used in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

In order to anticipate customer needs and supply advanced solutions, a total of 7% of consolidated sales is reinvested in Research & Development, which is the heart of CAREL's commitment. A further 3% of sales is regularly invested in production process technology.

The Group's strength lies in integration between different contexts. Its overall vision, wide-ranging experience and skills allow the company to go beyond the boundaries of individual products and to represent a single partner capable of identifying integrated solutions.

CAREL has more than 1.300 employees with a turnover of consolidated sales of 231 million EUR (2016) and operates globally through 20 subsidiaries and 7 production plants.


CEIS (Testing, Innovation and Services Center or centro de ensayos, innovación y servicios) is a Spanish company focused on providing the best technical testing solutions in fields such as electric cables, thermal insulation materials, plastic pipes or air condition and heat pump appliances since 1999. With more than 500 different products and testing standards, CEIS holds a reputed position in the global market and adds the highest value to your air-conditioning and heat pump appliances by offering a well-recognised testing programme. The company intensified its relations with the Eurovent Association by becoming Associate Member in fall 2015 as well as Connectivity Partner of this edition of the EUROVENTSUMMIT, as for the previous edition in Krakow.

Connectivity supporters


Koxka, together with Kobol, are the two brands belonging to a worldwide recognised commercial refrigeration company Kgroup. The group, based in Pamplona (Spain), designs, manufactures and commercialises remote and plug-in display cases, condensers, evaporators and heat exchangers. Having this large range of products, this company is able to offer turnkey projects, service, as well as retrofit and restyling solutions. Koxka and Kobol are very well recognised brands with 50 years of history, period in which they were successfully positioned around the world.

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters

ISIB (Turkish HVAC&R Exporters) was founded in 2011 with the purpose of finding solutions to sectoral problems, increase the efficiency of the sector's exports, determine activities that will be carried out in line with export targets and increase the recognition of the sector in the international market.

It is the only establishment in Turkey representing the HVAC&R exporters. ISIB makes efforts to, "under one roof", gather companies, which are operating in the HVAC&R sector in Turkey, and currently has over 1.000 members. On the one hand, ISIB tries to find solutions to members' problems, and on the other, organise activities to highlight the importance of the HVAC&R sector. Their activities include preparation of import reports for target countries, organisation of sectoral trade delegations and national participation at international fairs.


For the second time in a row, WIKA is proud to support the EUROVENTSUMMIT.

WIKA is a global market leader in pressure, temperature and level measurement technology. Working together with our customers, we develop comprehensive solutions based on our high-quality measurement technology components, with the solutions ultimately being integrated in their business processes. We deliver 50 million quality products to over 100 countries every year. Worldwide, approximately 600 million WIKA measuring instruments are in use.

WIKA employs around 10.000 people and owns over 40 subsidiaries worldwide.

Technology partner


Webscope is a software development company with a focus on web and mobile applications with higher business logic. The company develops solutions with the latest JavaScript frameworks, one of which is React/Redux, a technology that is used by Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb et al. Therefore, it is able to create stable and responsive solutions in record time. In addition, the company helps enterprises to migrate their old systems into a new, more efficient stack, so they can keep up with continual technological progress. The company is based in the Czech Republic with remote clients worldwide, notably in Norway, Finland, and Germany.

Besides helping clients with their solutions, the company is developing its own products, one of which is the event platform, that helps attendees to fully experience any conference and stay connected through the year.

Exhibition partners


Climatización y Refrigeración is one of the most established meeting points for the sector of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration in an international setting. It is an event, held every two years, which brings together leading companies from the HVACR industry at Feria de Madrid. It displays state-of-the-art proposals that predominantly feature the commitment to energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

Climatización y Refrigeración is the main showcase in Spain of a sector which, driven by technological progress and the investment in research, design and development, is dedicated to the improvement of comfort, design and features of systems.


Refrigera is the only Italian exhibition fully dedicated to the entire chain of Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration. Refrigera's innovative approach showcases, at both national and international level, the topics, contents and excellencies of this market. Refrigera is organised in cooperation with Eurovent, Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain Technologies.

Media partners

Caloryfrío was established in 2000 as a sectorial portal for ventilation, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, cooling, renewable energy and energy saving installations and water and bathroom appliances. Caloryfrío provides its readers with interviews, news and events on technologies and system regulations. Its mission is focused on generating valuable content and spreading knowledge about the installation sector online.

With more than 39.000 subscribers to its digital bulletins, Caloryfrío is a multidisciplinary site that includes online news, blog, budgeting site, marketplace and social networks.


Climaeficiencia is a professional technical magazine dedicated to air conditioning and ventilation installations, with focus on energy efficiency. Its bimonthly publications are addressed to all professionals active in this industrial and business sector, as well as to representatives of related organisations and entities.

Climaeficiencia has positioned itself among the leading media in the industry. It reflects on the current sector situation, presents the latest and most innovative technologies and is present at the most important events on the national and international scene.


Climanoticias is an independent magazine for installers, reporting since 1994 on all major developments in the air conditioning sector.

Its focus lies on air handling units, industrial and domestic air conditioning, heat pumps, condensing boilers, centralised control systems, ventilators and air diffusers, renewable air conditioning, water cooling, programmable thermostats, energy rehabilitation, underfloor heating and energy efficiency.

Climate Control Middle East (CCME)

Climate Control Middle East is proudly supporting the EUROVENTSUMMIT for the second year in a row. For ten years running, the magazine has exclusively been reporting on the HVACR industry in the Middle East in a comprehensive and detailed manner.

The coverage has included a broad sweep of topics ranging from power security to food safety, from indoor environmental quality to climate change, from data centre cooling to process cooling and from fire safety to building performance.

Embedded in them are specific topics related to district cooling, standalone systems, hospital ventilation, transport refrigeration, cold storage warehousing, acoustics, vibration, refrigerants and more. In covering the topics, the magazine has constantly applied such markers as health, energy efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness, keeping in mind broad social, environmental and economic ideals.

El Instalador

El Instalador is one of the leading technical journals in the field of energy efficiency in air conditioning, refrigeration, water and energy. With eleven editions per year, the magazine has been publishing uninterruptedly throughout its more than fifty-year history. As an emblematic information medium, it addresses the main issues of the sector through technical articles, success stories, reports and interviews. In addition, it covers the current situation in the world of installations and efficiency by attending the most relevant events, fairs and congresses. Finally, in its 'Showcase', the reader can also find out about the latest news and trends in the world of air conditioning, refrigeration, water and energy efficiency.

Frio Calor Aire Acondicionado

Frio Calor Aire Acondicionado S.L. is a Spanish industry magazine founded in 1972. Its scope covers installation, cooling, food cold chain, heating and air conditioning. It addresses architects, businessmen, engineers, installers, merchants, specialists and technical personnel active in the areas of Assembly and Construction, Capital goods, Chemicals, Engineering, Environment, Fishing, Food, Installation, Naval, Services, Storage and Transport.

The magazine provides its readers with eleven issues per year, as well as continuous website content. Moreover, it includes two sections of information from Companies and Teams, and Fairs and Events.

L'Industria Meccanica


First published in February 1969, JARN is the only English-language magazine published in Japan that covers news from around the world on the HVAC&R industry, markets, products, new technology, major trade shows, and various promotional activities by global industry leaders.

With its continuously expanding worldwide circulation and long-standing information network, JARN has proven to be an invaluable source of information for decision-makers from all branches of the air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration industry.

Additionally, since its start JARN has published annual special editions focusing on particular product groups to satisfy readers' interest and requests for specialised information. These special editions also cover trends in world markets and technologies.

Since 2013, JARN has been closely cooperating with Eurovent in various projects. This year, JARN is one of the official Media Partners of the EUROVENTSUMMIT.

PRO Instalaciones

ProInstalaciones is a multispectral technical magazine with a broad professional vision of the sector, elaborating on up-to-date developments. It aims at informing professionals in the sectors of air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, electricity, renewable energy, and new technologies.

ProInstalaciones incorporates a web portal for professionals with an easy navigation to articles, reports, event calendar, interviews, trainings, updates and news.


The Internet portal of the refrigeration branch is a daily updated portal of the refrigeration branch for readers from Russia and CIS countries.

The Portal offers a great amount of information to assist specialists of refrigeration and related branches in their everyday professional business. The users of the portal are heads and top managers of refrigeration companies, technical staff, tutors, scientists and students. is your safe informational, scientific, technical and educational helper. Start your day with!

Refrigeration Business

Kholodilny (Refrigeration) Business is a monthly magazine published since 1996. Its subscribers are CEOs, commercial directors, top managers and senior engineers (i.e. responsible decision-makers) at refrigeration and engineering companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Their activities are connected with the manufacturing, supply, installation and maintenance of low-temperature and other technological equipment used in trade, agriculture, warehousing and transportation. Readers include manufacturers and distributors of frozen food and ice cream, industry associations, research and educational institutions.


Tecnoinstalación is a Spanish magazine for manufacturers, distributors, engineering firms and installers of air-conditioning, heating, plumbing and sanitary services. It has a standard frequency of six editions per year and distributes its issues at the most important trade fairs.

Tecnoinstalación reaches 5.000 readers per edition, with its major reader audience being manufacturers, wholesalers, engineers and installers of the sector.

Supporting associations


A3e, the Spanish Association of Energy Efficiency Companies, was established in 2009 to promote energy efficiency. It is a private association, with profit motive to represent the interests of the companies that help their clients to reduce their energy consumption.

Currently, A3e has more than 100 associated companies, including consultancies, energy auditing and engineering firms, energy services companies, equipment and component manufacturers, maintenance and facility providers, and energy distributors and marketers.


AEDICI, Spanish Association of Engineering Companies and Installation Engineering Consultants, was established in 2009, as an initiative of a group of engineers. This has given shape to the existing relationship between the individual engineers, which was a necessity for the situation and perspectives of the sector.

The objective was to create a collective that defends the rights of all engineers and engineering companies, enhancing the ‘Consulting Engineer’ term in the building sector, facilitating communication between them and corporate participation in the discussion and decision forums.

Agencia Andaluza de la Energía

La Agencia Andaluza de la Energía, the Andalusian Energy Agency, is a public business agency linked to the Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce of the Andalusian Council.

Its main objective is to contribute to making Andalusia a reference region in the energy sector, both nationally and as a community, fostering a new energy culture among people, companies and administrations, extending knowledge about savings, efficiency energy and renewable sources, popularizing the efficient use of energy.

Its mission is to carry out all actions that have to do with the energy policy of the Andalusian Government, participating in the definition of energy planning, contributing to the optimisation in economic and environmental terms of energy self-sufficiency in Andalusia and supporting projects of interest for the transformation of the Andalusian energy system, developing programs and initiatives to promote savings, energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources.


La Asociación de Empresas del Sector de las Instalaciones y la Energía (Agremia) is a business association, which originated 1977. It brings together 1.975 companies, which is just over 85% of sector-related organisations in the Community of Madrid. Agremia unites businesses active in the areas of gas, plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, material distribution, reforms and commercial activities.

One of its fundamental objectives is to offer quality and specialised training, allowing entrepreneurs and professionals from the industry to perform with a high-level quality.

For this, Agremia has one of the most modern and best equipped technical schools in the Community of Madrid. Operating for 35 years, the school has 3.000 m2, divided into 9 classrooms, 20 workshops and 4 innovation laboratories.


Amascal is a non-profit association that since 2000 has grouped distributors and wholesalers in the sector of heating, air conditioning, plumbing and sanitary hot water throughout the national territory. It currently has a number of partners close to 100. The priority purpose of the association is the defence of the distribution channel, while providing tools to its partners for better business development.

Recently, Amascal has started the digital trend communication with its partners and the rest of the sector, complementing traditional publications in the specialized press and direct to each of its members with varied information on current affairs, legislation, training and own events. Amascal maintains fluid relations with associations from its environment and belongs to the International Federation, FEST, as well as being a founding member of the Sector Platform against Late Payments.


AMI is the Association of Companies of Integral Maintenance and Energy Services. This business association, established in 1999, is member of the Board of Directors of the CEOE and EFIEES (European Federation of Intelligent Energy Efficiency Services). AMI is listed in the Register of Business Associations under the Ministry of Employment, in the Transparency Registers of the European Union, and the CNMV. It represents the Services Business sector in the Public Procurement Advisory Board of the MINHAFP.

It represents the main companies of the Energy Services and Maintenance Sector, which are awarded most of the maintenance contracts of the state, collaborating actively since 2002 with the Public Administrations in the development of Energy Services in Spain and Europe.


ANESE, Spanish National Association of Energy Services Companies, is a non-profit business platform established in November 2009. It currently consists of about 100 companies, which, regardless of the different activities they develop in the energy sector, are configured as Energy Service Companies, as defined in Directive 2006/32 / EC on the efficiency of the final use of energy and energy services. Its members reflect the range of actors that intervene in the market of ESEs (energy services companies) and offer a wide range of services such as: consulting, equipment maintenance, manufacturing and installation, engineering, auditing, financing or liability insurance, and others.


ATEAN , The Association of Technicians in Energy of Andalusia, is a non-profit organisation, which brings together technicians, professionals, companies in the energy sector and all entities interested in the promotion of efficient energy techniques, which enable sustainable development respectful to the environment. ATEAN organises courses, seminars, conferences and technical visits, which serve as a permanent meeting point for exchange of ideas and promotion of new technologies. The publication of its bimonthly bulletin accompanying technical publications, which is currently received by about 300 members free of charge, and internet technology, have allowed the association to have two very valuable tools to meet its objectives of dissemination, training and continuous support to the sector.


Atecyr is the Spanish Technical Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Founded in 1974, its mission is to respond to the needs of technicians in the sector of air conditioning, refrigeration and energy efficiency. This is being done through the transmission of experiences and knowledge independently and in a non-profit manner, serving as a meeting point for their opinions and concerns to offer sustainable solutions to society.

Currently, it is formed by 1.500 associates, of whom about 100 are companies of the sector and the rest are specialised professionals of the sector, divided into 13 territorial groups. More than 10.300 students have passed through its classrooms, the organised conferences have had more than 32.500 attendees and it has published 50 technical documents of installation in buildings, 25 technical guides for saving and energy efficiency in thermal installations, of which 18 are recognised documents of the RITE and the EEC.

CNI instaladores

The National Confederation of Installers and Maintainers (CNI) groups numerous Provincial Associations of Installers of thermal installations, plumbing, electricity and other installations in buildings. CNI was established in 1973 and currently includes more than 6.000 associated companies.

CNI promotes energy efficiency and saving, and the use of renewable energy. They promote excellence in technical training of professionals, collaboration and coordination in building, optimal maintenance of equipment to achieve maximum performance, and adequate information provided to the end user.

CNI participates in numerous Working Committees, Standardisation Technical Committees of AENOR, and is member of AREA (European Association of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps), CONFEMETAL and several other platforms and organisations. CNI maintains an impartial position with respect to equipment manufacturers and other stakeholders. It has a Technical Committee made up of 10 professional Engineers and Technicians from all over Spain, members of CNI who contribute with their knowledge and extensive experience in technical subjects.


Conaif, Spanish National Confederation of Associations of Plumbing, Gas, Heating, Air Conditioning, Fire Protection, Electricity and Allied Companies, is the main national business organisation in the facilities sector. Through its 45 provincial associations, it integrates 19.000 companies installing gas, water and air conditioning (cold and heat), which is the majority Spanish organisations in these sectors.

In Spain, Conaif is part of the Spanish Confederation of Metal (CONFEMETAL), AENOR and the Spanish Gas Association (SEDIGAS), among other business organisations. At the international level, he Conaif is member of the European Association of Installation Companies (GCP-Europe) and the World Plumbing Council (WPC). Conaif is the organiser of a Spanish installer workshop on 26 September.


Epyme was established in 1977 as an association of electrical installers. In 1990, it changed its statutes to allow entrance to the rest of installer groups of Seville. Currently, it has close to 800 members, integrating professionals and companies in areas of electricity, plumbing, gas, air conditioning, heating, cooling, telecommunications, fire protection, liquid petroleum products and solar energy.

Since 1998, it has its registered office of 1000m2 in size in Isla de la Cartuja. There, it also has its own Training Centre for the delivery of eleven specialties related to the sector, approved by the Regional Government of Andalusia.


eurammon is a joint initiative by companies, institutions and individuals committed to increasing the use of natural refrigerants.

eurammon sees itself as a centre of competence for the use of natural working fluids in refrigeration. The initiative sees its mission in providing a platform for information and knowledge sharing. The objective is to boost the general awareness and acceptance of natural refrigerants, to promote their use in the interests of a healthy environment, and to thereby continue developing a sustainable approach to refrigeration.

eurammon's information efforts are targeted at professionals (users and planners) as much as at politicians and the politically interested public as well as the public at large. Sustainable business is a topic that concerns us all. That is why eurammon is happy to provide information to all interested parties.

Eurovent Middle East

Eurovent Middle East has been formed as an Issue Group within Eurovent, Europe's largest HVACR industry association. It unites manufacturers and related organisations who are based or active in the Middle East to address issues affecting the industry and to support joint initiatives like education, promotion and raise awareness on industry related topics of importance.

In a nutshell, Eurovent Middle East is:

  • An Issue Group within Eurovent Association launched by 25 leading manufacturers and 4 related organisations
  • Representative of Eurovent members based or active in the Middle East region
  • Discussion partner for authorities and standardisation organisations in the Middle East
  • Partner organisation for sustainability and efficiency
  • Provider of education on state-of-the-art appliances


Asociación de Fabricantes de Generadores y Emisores de Calor (FEGECA) unites the Spanish industry of heating systems and appliances, heat emitters, boilers and related components and control systems. The association maintains a relationship with the heating industry, production chain and associations that represent it. It is present in the development of technical regulations at the national level with standardisation bodies in Spain, Ministries and Regional Administration.

FEGECA has become a point of reference for legislators and participated as an expert in the work of national ministerial groups and the European Commission, contributing with its long experience in the elaboration of laws, decrees and directives. It has produced publications about efficient systems and renewable energies and last year published a Guide on underfloor heating systems.


FENIE is the National Federation of Spanish Installer Companies, established more than 40 years ago. It is composed of 70 associations, distributed throughout the national territory. FENIE’s associates exceed 15.000 installer companies, together employing more than 95.000 workers, with a combined annual turnover of over 7.900 mil EUR.

FENIE represents its members at national level, before the Government and the State Administration, as well as before the rest of the bodies in the electrical sector. In addition, its activity consists of promoting and coordinating technical, social, economic and training actions for all its members. In short, the mission of FENIE is to provide services for their members and defend their professional interests.


REHVA is the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations, representing a network of more than 100.000 engineers from over 25 countries. Since 1963, REHVA is dedicated to the improvement of health, comfort and energy efficiency in all buildings and communities. Therefore, it facilitates knowledge exchange, supports the development of related EU policies, and their national level implementation.

For the third time in a row, REHVA actively supports the EUROVENTSUMMIT, and ensures a wide variety of participants including engineers and designers from the entire EMEA region. REHVA is the co-organiser of a half-day seminar programme on 25 September.


Eurovent Association

Eurovent is Europe's Industry Association for Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain Technologies. Its members from throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa represent more than 1.000 companies, the majority small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Based on objective and verifiable data, these account for a combined annual turnover of more than 30bn EUR, employing around 150.000 people within the association’s geographic area. This makes Eurovent one of the largest cross-regional industry committees of its kind. The organisation’s activities are based on highly valued democratic decision-making principles, ensuring a level-playing field for the entire industry independent from organisation sizes or membership fees.

Eurovent Certita Certification

Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) is a major European certification body providing voluntary 3rd party certification in the field of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR), offering its customers a one-stop service solution.

ECC certifies the performance ratings of products, according to European and International standards, on the full range of HVACR products either in residential domestic buildings or in industrial facilities.

The value of 3rd party certification is to build up customer confidence by levelling the competitive playing field for all manufacturers and by increasing the integrity and accuracy of the industrial performance ratings.

Eurovent Market Intelligence

Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI) is the European statistics office of the HVACR market. EMI has been providing key market data since 1994 and is a trusted partner of more than 300 manufacturers. The guiding principle of EMI is to establish a map of the European, Middle-East and African sales. Sales data provided by the participants remains fully confidential and results are being distributed to participants only. EMI provides annual and quarterly results, market trends and analyses, and makes reassessed data available for non-manufacturers. Thanks to the manufacturers' participation in the data collections, EMI can provide:

  • Annual and quarterly analyses
  • Market trends and forecasts (annually and quarterly)
  • Detailed information on the equipment sold (technology, capacity, etc.)
  • Analyses by country (in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa)


AEFYT (Asociación de Empresas de Frío y sus Tecnologías) is the Spanish Association for Refrigeration Technology. This independent non-profit organisation represents its (mainly small and medium-sized) member companies covering several activities: consulting, contracting, distribution, information, installation, maintenance, manufacturing, repair, and training related to the different aspects of the refrigeration sector.

As this edition of the EUROVENTSUMMIT takes place in Spain, the association has become coorganiser of the event, as well as organiser of a Spanish-English seminar programme on 27 September.


AFEC (Asociación de Fabricantes de Equipos de Climatización) is the Spanish association for manufacturers of HVAC Equipment. Founded in 1977, the objective of the association is to manage, represent and protect the professional interests of the air-conditioning sector. This is reflected in active involvement with policy makers at the European level as well as governmental, autonomous and municipal administration institutions. Furthermore, AFEC promotes the industry through for example conferences, studies, and expositions. Lastly, the association provides support to its members in the field of technical R&D, administrative, jurisdictional and legal issues.

As this edition of the EUROVENTSUMMIT takes place in Spain, the association has become co-organiser of the event, as well as organiser of a Spanish-English seminar programme on 27 September.

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