Las Instalaciones en los Edificios de Consumo de Energía Casi Nulo HVAC facilities in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

25 September 2018, 13:45-17:30h

In 2019, public buildings must be Nearly Zero Energy Buildings and from 2021, also all other buildings. Those new requirements imposed by the Spanish Technical Building Code lead to new approaches in the design of HVAC systems and the selection of equipment in buildings. In Spain there are areas with very different climates: Mediterranean, oceanic and continental, as well as areas with different technical practices: individual and centralised systems.

The joint seminar proposed by Atecyr and REHVA deepens the efficiency of the proposals to be used in the new buildings, including presentations on:

  • New Spanish Building Code 2018
  • Efficient Systems in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
  • Nearly Zero Energy Buildings - Residential buildings
  • Nearly Zero Energy Buildings - Tertiary buildings
  • Future requirements: New revision of the EPBD

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The Seminar on HVAC facilities in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings will take place at the Nerja-Jerez room on floor +1 of the Melía Leberos hotel.

Recepción de Bienvenida por el Presidente de la Asociación Eurovent Welcome Reception by the Eurovent Association President

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25 September 2018, 19:00h

The upcoming Eurovent President Naci Şahin (General Manager, FRITERM) has the honour of welcoming all EUROVENTSUMMIT participants to a joint Welcome Reception.

Enjoy light Andalusian tapas while learning more about the President's activities, roadmap, and recent developments within the Eurovent Association.

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The Welcome Reception will be held at the Pool Terrace of the hotel.

El millonario industrial Who wants to be a climate millionaire?

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25 September 2018, 21:00-22:30h

'Who wants to be a climate millionaire?' tests your knowledge of our industry, its legislative environment, the Spanish region, and most recent digital developments.

Grouped in diverse teams reflecting different countries and product categories, our moderator Maxiline Tamko is going to challenge you with a wide variety of educating, entertaining, and technologically challenging questions. Does your team have what it takes to connect the dots and win the jackpot?

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'Who wants to be a climate millionaire?' will be held at Club Abril, located below the hotel. Participants will walk jointly from the 'Welcome Reception by the Eurovent Association President' to the Club.

Novedades en los refrigerantes Refrigerant novelties

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26 September 2018, 13:45-17:30h

CONAIF, one of this year's EUROVENTSUMMIT Supporting Associations, will provide a half-day workshop featuring real-life practical demonstrations. This workshop, aimed at installers from the Spanish HVACR industry, will be offered fully in the Spanish language and cover several crucial topics, including:

  • New refrigerants: A2L
  • Characteristics of A2L and comparison with other refrigerants
  • Practical demonstration of loading and unloading refrigerants in HVACR equipment
  • Role of installer companies in Energy Labelling
  • Introduction to the CONAIF Generator of Energy Efficiency Labels
  • Updates on the fluorinated gas tax

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The CONAIF Workshop will take place at the Nerja-Jerez room on floor +1 of the Melía Leberos hotel.

CONAIF members receive a special discount when purchasing the Summit Pass. Connect with CONAIF to receive your discount code.

Noche de la Innovación Eurovent Innovation/HUB – flagship event

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26 September 2018, 19:30-22:30h

Make sure not to miss the key event of the 2018 EUROVENTSUMMIT: the Eurovent Innovation/HUB powered by ebm-papst.

William Pagani's 'Future of commercial refrigeration'

In the inspiring environment of Pabellón de la Navegación, a naval museum about the history of Spain's shipping industry, you will be taken back to the middle ages before looking into the future.

After the talks, the event will transform into an after-show party, during which you can enjoy a cocktail dinner at the museum's terrace with riverside view, as well as a special ebm-papst tapa designed for the event.

Leading personalities from in and outside the industry will give visionary, non-commercial keynote presentations in a TED-style manner. No PowerPoint, minimal text, more animations, precisely 12 minutes (promise).

Keynote talks by leading personalities from in and outside the industry

Connectivity as a key to smart solutions

Mr Karsten Fuchs, Director Market Segment VAC, ebm-papst

Gear yourself up for a state-of-the-art opening keynote speech, in which Karsten Fuchs claims that “Digitisation will change the HVACR industry! What can be digitalised will be digitalised!” To him and his company ebm-papst, digital interconnection is bringing radical changes to the industry. Does it offer an added value to consumers? Will they pay for it? Is digitisation a threat or opportunity? Does it lead to new business models? Answers to these and more questions will be provided live on stage in Seville – in precisely 12 minutes, of course.

Cybersecurity for connected HVACR equipment

Mr Christian Ellwein, CEO, KRIWAN Industrie-Elektronik

In his speech, the globally renowned security expert Christian Ellwein interactively assesses the risks of connected controllers, inverters and the like. The CRO of KRIWAN will let you know whether HVACR technologies can be hacked while providing ideas for a better security. If any, which controller is he going to hack? Will he be able to manipulate the AC system of Pabellón de la Navegación on stage? Turn on your firewall and get ready for Christian.

The evolution of filtration

Mr Joost Verlaan, Vice President, AFPRO Filters

Where are we coming from? What are we doing today? What is needed tomorrow and in the future? 20 years ago, nobody would have been able to predict that filtration would move from protecting processes to protecting people. During his 12-minute keynote, AFPRO Vice-President Joost Verlaan is going to outline 'The past - the present – the future', explaining the connection between processes, people and our health.

HVAC goes IoT

Mr Ján Risen, System Development Director, Swegon Group

Why are DCV-systems increasingly used? Which new features can smart buildings deliver? Which trends result from the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)? Join Swegon's Ján Risen live in Seville when he shares his in-depth knowledge with our global audience in precisely 12 minutes.

Time for smart equipment

Mr Javier de Bordons, Director Product & Technology Knowledge, Johnson Controls

The HVACR industry is consuming a large portion of buildings' energy. Our industry is in the spotlight! Are we doing all we can? Is our industry's technology evolving fast enough? What about other technologies? JCI's Javier de Bordons is going to shed light on these and more questions in a state-of-the-art manner.

Access and location

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The Eurovent Innovation/HUB will take place at the following address:

Pabellón de la Navegación
Camino de los Descubrimientos, 2
41092 Seville

Participants gather at 19:00h in the hotel lobby and are taken by bus to the venue.

Simposio de la Industria Española Spanish Industry Symposium

27 September 2018, 09:30-17:30h

This year, the Spanish co-organisers and Member Associations of the Eurovent Association, AEFYT and AFEC, are hosting a bilingual full-day seminar programme. Aimed at architects, consultants, designers, installers, manufacturers and policy-makers of the HVACR industry, the two associations are going to provide in-depth updates on:

  • Building regulations (CTE, RITE, Ecodesign)
  • Renewable energy
  • Heat pumps and their role in contribution to sustainability
  • Eurovent Certified Performance (ECP)
  • New refrigerants
  • Safety regulations for cooling installations
  • BIM software and connectivity

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The Spanish Industry Symposium will take place at the Nerja-Jerez room on floor +1 of the Melía Leberos hotel.

60 Sombras De Eurovent - evento especial de aniversario 60 Shades of Eurovent – special anniversary event

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27 September 2018, 20:00-23:00h

In the impressive surroundings of Hacienda el Vizír, we are going to celebrate 60 years of Eurovent – in a truly Andalusian manner under starry Southern skies. You are invited to an unforgettable evening spiced with traditional courses, alternated with unique memories of personalities that have shaped the Eurovent Association over the decades. The evening finishes off with a spectacular Andalusian Flamenco Show.

Toastmasters include:

  • Mr Christian Herten (Former President, Eurovent)
  • Mr Georg Mager (Former President, Eurovent)
  • Mr Tunc Korun (Industry legend)
  • Mr Martin Lenz (Chairman, Product Group 'Air Handling Units')
  • Mr Francesco Scuderi (Deputy Secretary General, Eurovent)

Access and location

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The '60 Sombras De Eurovent' will take place at the following address:

Hacienda el Vizir
Espartinas, km. 6
41807 Espartinas, Seville

Participants gather at 19:00h in the hotel lobby and are taken by bus to the venue.

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